Thursday, 10 November 2011

The coots are back in town

Coot catching commence this morning at Radipole with a short session to see how keen the birds were to come in for food. There has definitely been an arrival over the last week so hopes were fairly high. We caught three in quick succession then the birds wised up and remembered not to come anywhere near me. The temperature is still stupidly high for the time of year so hopefully things will cool down soon and the birds will get a bit more peckish.

As with last year, we are colour ringing the coot with a white ring with a green code consisting of two letters. Obviously, sightings are most welcome!


  1. Same problem we have back in the homeland - too warm and the coots have become wise to your intentions. Bring on the cold!


  2. Another cold winter would be nice but I guess not a lot of people would agree! I hear your colour ringing coots as well now.