Monday, 10 December 2012

Better late than never.

Cast your minds back to October 2011 where you may recall me mentioning a Lesser Redpoll I trapped at Clouds Hill which was already ringed? OK, it’s a while ago so perhaps not but a few days ago I finally found out it origins! I captured it on the 13th October 2011 and it was originally ringed 13 days previously in North Somerset which was a distance of 92km. Recoveries usually come back much sooner than this one so not sure of what the hold up was but I was very happy to get the details back as it was my first recovery at Clouds Hill.
Think this is the bird? Or at least it’s the photo I used in the blog post back last year...

Another recent recovery was of a Willow Warbler caught at Radipole Lake back in July 2010. It was found in Portugal, 1573km away but sadly dead. Still good stuff though!
Recent ringing has been a little quiet. Nets in my garden produced yet another Firecrest and a Great Spotted Woodpecker which was a little odd given that I haven’t seen one in the garden before. Just goes to show that with a net up you discover all sorts of things you didn’t know!
Here’s the Firecrest.

Yesterday I was with the Axe Estuary ringing group for another canon netting session which was successful. 60 birds caught, half of which were Shelduck. Mallard, Wigeon and 4 Moorhen made up the rest of the catch. Cheers Mike and the team for another good session!

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