Thursday, 11 April 2013

More photo's from Gibraltar

Got stacks of photo’s from my Gibraltar holiday. Here are a few of the birds that were trapped and ringed over our week at the rock.

Female Subalpine Warbler

Female Sardinian Warbler

Western Bonelli’s Warbler


Western Orphean Warbler

Woodchat Shrike –

possibly my favourite of the week except when it was doing this to my hand...

One of the big mysteries of the week were the Sparrowhawks. Last year we were surprised by the amount of them that you see migrating across from Africa. This surprise is shared by most birders who go there for their first time. Even the guys at Gib don’t know where they are going. Everyone’s got their own ideas mine being that its a displaced population as a result of northern birds moving for the winter? The only reason I sort of think this is because apart from particularly cold parts of Scandinavia, there are Sparrowhawks through Europe during the winter. Luckily we trapped and ringed one so if we are incredibly lucky (and I must emphasise the word incredibly!) we might get it recovered on its breeding grounds...

Must post another pic of the Scops Owl as well!

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