Monday, 16 September 2013

Just thought I’d better go back another couple of weeks and mention a couple of good birds from down at the Swannery. Firstly, amongst many hundred of other Wagtails one evening a Citrine Wagtail popped up. Stood out rather well especially as it was perched between and Pied Wag and a Yellow Wag. Very nice indeed though not totally unexpected as at the time there were several others showing up around the country. Don’t usually have the camera with me when out ringing (don’t need the distraction of photography!) and this session was no different so no photo’s but needless to say I’ve had the camera out at every other roost ringing session since. I did get distracted one evening and got these shots of Yellow Wagtails.

I mentioned on yesterdays post we’d been ringing lots of Yellow Wagtails. This was a Blue-headed type from a few weeks ago, though we've had plenty since.

Another good bird that dropped into the Swannery for a couple of days (on and off...) was this juv Semipalmated Sandpiper. It was rather obliging indeed!

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  1. Slow down Luke, I'm getting giddy with this rush of posts!!