Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Some bloody good Med Gull recoveries!

A fairly quiet day at work resulted in more Med Gull ring reading today and what a day it turned into! First bird was something of an old friend. I had the first sighting of this bird after it was ringed back in autumn 2011. It was at Radipole in pretty much the same place as I saw it today. It wasn’t until I got the details back that I realised that this bird was one from Serbia! Radipole Lake’s an impressive 1708kms from Palic Lake in Northern Serbia which was where it was ringed as a chick. Here’s a Google map to illustrate...

Though the wobbly line is the suggested route by road (for a car...) rather than the exact route the gull took...

Next bird was more significant. I noticed a blue ring on a first year bird and I couldn’t remember ever seeing a blue ring on a Med Gull before. A few emails later revealed the bird was ringed at Venice Lagoon in Italy! Possibly the first Italian ringed Med Gull to be seen at Radipole?? After that the sightings involved more routine countries such as France and Belgium but still all good data!

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