Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gulls Galore

I’ve been working a bit more at the visitor centre at Radipole recently which has allowed me to keep an eye on the gulls that are currently moving through. There’s been a lack of Yellow legged Gull records recently and given that everywhere else was getting them I assumed that Radipole would be getting its fair share. I was correct. Today I remembered to take my camera but on arrival this morning hardly any gulls were on show. Thankfully during the afternoon a couple of Yellow legged Gulls showed up plus a couple of juv/1st winter Med Gulls.
Here’s a couple of shots from today

A different bird

The med which is well on its way towards 1st winter plumage.

Also a few juv Lesser Black backed Gulls were stopping off briefly which probably aren’t local birds.

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