Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ain't it sweet!

Just when you thought this blog had completely gone off the rails I go post a gem of a picture like this!

It’s a House Martin pullus (baby chick to most) which was one of seven ringed from artificial nest boxes on a house in Dorchester. If you don’t believe me (absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t though…) here’s a picture of me up a ladder!

Also I’ve recently been gauping at a few nice Orchids. I managed to locate an ‘atrofuscus’ Bee Orchid on Radipole which has been known at the site for the last four years but the one I found was at a completely new location to where they’ve occurred before. Two more have since popped up at two other locations on the reserve. I also found another variety on a roadside verge very close to Radipole. Its apparently called ‘belgarum’ which is basically more yellow than a normal Bee Orchid. Nice to see but give me birds any day!

Here’s the atrofuscus

And here’s the belgarum.

Off ringing some Gull pulli tomorrow so look forward to photos of me covered in gull crap!

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  1. And here's me thinking you'd forgotten about your blog! That pic of you up the ladder... I was wonderin' if you might be able to do my gutters!?