Monday, 21 February 2011


I was hoping to blog about loads of Mallards that we were going to catch on a farm near Dorchester. Instead all I’ve got is a brief sighting of a Firecrest in some willows on the island of the pond the target Mallards were settled on. Sadly something spooked the Mallards whilst we were waiting for them to enter a baited trap which meant nothing happened. I didn’t manage a picture of the Firecrest so here’s one of three I caught and ringed last autumn.

As it happens It was quite fortuitous that the ducks weren’t happy as this meant Fred and Myself could spend a few hours over at RSPB Arne. I don’t get over there as often as I should so its always a pleasure to visit. Around the visitor centre there were birds everywhere including several Marsh tit. Up on the heath we saw several Dartford Warblers plus a nice selection of waders and waterfowl all flushed by a female Marsh harrier. Most exciting of all however were two Yellow legged Gulls roosting with the shelduck on some saltmarsh.
I am currently eagerly awaiting the first Sand Martin of the year quickly followed by Wheatears. I am finally sick of winter. Bring on the migrants!!


  1. Good to read your blog Luke. Quiz time! Identify the bird in your blog picture. Lovely bronze wing feathers, not sure yet will get back to you.
    By the way need two bird boxes by this evening (Friday). Can you knock them up and I'll give you a shout later!

  2. Luke - smashing firecrest rather thin on the ground in Gwent but I remember having good views of one in the Lasgarn Wood a few years ago.