Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rain stopped play

The plan for this morning was to catch a load more coot but sadly rain came in overnight (as forecast) and put a stop to that. This resulted in my day off being pretty boring. Most excitement came from a  brief stop off at Abottsbury Swannery to swap over a key and see some Scaup. Second most exciting moment was purchasing some potatoes from Morrison's and being held up at the checkout by the old lady wanting to use us all her change that she's been collecting all her life!

To brighten up everyone's day I thought I'd stick this picture up of the tame Water Rail that lives outside the visitor centre at Radipole. Now that Cathy the Tufted Duck (surely you remember Cathy?!) has disappeared back with her wild friends we need a new character to name. I've been trying to suggest Abigail the Rail but now ones buying into that, so suggestions please!


  1. Walter Rail, it's a boy! (possibly)
    Why haven't you rung it yet!?

  2. Rail Platt would mean admitting to watching Corry which I certainly don't. Eastenders possible but not Corry!

    Frank, I will make sure its got a ring by the end of the week. I am in bedfordshire for a couple of days but I'll make it my top priority when i get back!