Thursday, 10 March 2011

Where's this Spoonbill from?

Just got back from having a peak at a pair of Spoonbills which turned up lunchtime at Radipole. We went straight up to the hide where they flew off as soon as we arrived. I was told that one was ringed which isn't that unusual with Spoonbills. This bird had a yellow ring on the left leg with FJ9 inscribed in it. I can't track it down from which is usually really helpful so any suggestions would be very useful!

Its alway quite strange photographing things at Radipole often you end up with a load of houses in the back ground which is what happened when trying to get some flight shots of the spoonies up at the North hide on Radipole.


  1. Hey - you have nicked a Spoonbill from Devon! Give it back! See here:

  2. And did you see this from Somerset? Just follow the links underneath the main post.


  3. I think this could be the place to report your bird (if the ring might be white, stained yellowish). Would love to hear anything you find out...

    White ring with code (3 alphanumeric code).

    Oficina de Anillamiento, Estación Biológica de Doñana, Apdo. Correos nr4, SP-21760 Matalascañas (Almonte), Huelva, Spain.

    tel. : +34-959-44.00.32. ; fax.: +34-959-44.00.33

    e-mail: anillamiento ADD


  4. thanks guys, saw the things on the Dorset O&A late last night. Seems we have a spanish bird.

    Steve, you can only have the spoonbill back if you can arrange for about 50 odd godwits to be caught at the next canon net session!

  5. I would love to arrange that Luke, but those fifty were our entire Blackwit flock - we have no more!!!!

  6. I am a novice at this sort of thing - but just returned from southern brittany and looking at my Spoonbill pictures I see that of the 4 birds two were ringed.
    Bird one: blue above dark green above pale green both legs
    Bird two:brown above blue over pale green on left and pale green over red over blue on right leg.
    Any comments?
    Lionel Cartwright