Friday, 4 March 2011

What to blog about??

Steve and myself planned this afternoon to start cutting back the withy bed at Abbotsbury Swannery ready for the spring and autumn migration ringing. It got a bit out of control last year and grew too tall for the nets, though we just about managed. In fact Chiffchaff captures were pretty good last year ending up at about 190 new birds. Whilst we were doing a little work we stuck a net in front of a peanut feeder to see what comes along. It wasn’t much! Just a few Blue tit and Great tit. This left me nothing to really blog about until I noticed this near to the net!

You may remember that a dead Buzzard featured a month or so ago, so this time I’ve gone one better and got a dead Little Egret. This bird was found in very poor condition at the swannery this morning. It sadly died earlier today. As adult little egrets aren’t caught very often I took the opportunity to take biometrics which might add to existing data that the BTO are in possession of.

Wing – 282
Head and Bill – 132.8
Tarsus – 103.5

Also heard back about a Goldfinch I controlled in my uncles Garden in Ebbw Vale, Gwent. It hadn’t travelled to far, in fact just 10km but time lapsed between ringing and recapturing was 1541 days.

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