Saturday, 25 June 2011

A picture speaks a thousand words

But sadly I haven't got any pictures as I have left my card reader in Weymouth! So words will have to do though I'll try not to write a thousand. Been in welsh Wales since Tuesday and have enjoyed little or no decent weather. Birdings been limited to a few outings, though one night was pretty good by Gwent standards. Went out with the intention of hearing fledging Long-eared Owls. Sadly couldn't locate any but my nocturnal travels around the north of the county reveiled quite a few Grasshopper Warblers. One particular sight held at least 4 if not 5 singing gropper. Also managed a single chipping Snipe though probably a bit late in the year to hear drumming.

Managed a nights Mothing. Went out to the RSPB Nagshead in the forest of dean, though the weather was very cold. This mean't moths weren't very active though we did manage 34 species. Mothing in the dean usually get us something interesting and this time a Great Oak Beauty was the best of the bunch. Regardless of the poor mothing we had a superb time and dawn in the forest of dean is something else!

Ringings also been limited though my garden Sparrows have finally started to jump into the net. Am currently on 9 sparrows! It has taken me since Tuesday to catch that many...

A few visits to Parc Bryn Bach has bagged me three Canada Geese, 1 Mallard and Mute Swan. I was really quite suprised to come across a 'new' Swan up there as there aren't many the wander around Blaenau Gwent. Apparently the weather calming down and the suns going to make an appearance soon which should liven up my holiday!

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