Thursday, 16 June 2011

Portland Pulli

Spent this morning on the Portland Harbour breakwater which was an amazing experience. Aim of the day was ring gull pulli and anything else what we could get our hands on. The place hardly gets visitors and is very exposed; they are essentially man-made islands out to sea which makes them perfect places for the gulls to nest.

We were busier than we imagined and only got one of the three breakwaters done today plus there were quite a few gull chicks which weren’t large enough to ring. Luckily quite a few Great black backed Gulls were ok to ring plus a couple Herring Gull. The weather was due to get rough in the afternoon which also meant an early finish. You know when you’ve had a successful day when you trousers look like this after a ringing session!

Here’s a shot of one of the Great black backed Gulls. Cute ain’t it!

Here’s another of me with a gull, notice the lack of poo on my trousers so probably one of the first birds of the day.

As well as lots of gulls, probably 4 pairs of Oystercatchers present, several Rock pipits, a pair of Linnet went over plus we had a pair of Shelduck. As well as birds we also came across this weird structure. Something to do with defence during WW2 I’m led to believe.

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