Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Told you so!

Well I’d promised that something would happen this week and it did. My Wiltshire trip proved very successful and got me pretty much all my target species. Was most pleased to see Montagu’s Harrier which was really the long shot of the trip but managed a male and female somewhere on the Salisbury Plain.

Great pictures aren’t they!

Next up was the Stone Curlews which are doing really well in Wiltshire thanks to the RSPB’s Stone Curlew project that’s creating habitat all over the county. We managed to see 7 and heard at least two more!

Last up, just for fun really, was a nice male Great Bustard which is part of the release scheme on the plain. Very nice to see regardless of its origin and certainly an impressive beast.

As you can see from today’s pictures, everything’s pretty distant but regardless of that it was a superb day with some great company and some great birds!
Must also add a picture of a species that occurred regularly throughout today, the Corn bunting. Not a species that occurs much in Wales now but saw load so today, especially on one of the farms! They were everywhere! Didn’t really try to get any pictures of them except for this poor attempt.

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