Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back to normality

I have just about recovered from six days at the Larmer tree festival up on the Dorset/Wiltshire border. Some great acts, some hilarious comedy and met some great people. I've come back to yet more Harrier news. Three fledglings at Radipole! But that all changed again today when suddenly four were seen all at one time. When this happened I was luckily very close to Lodmoor where I shot off to confirm that there were still two fledging there. I had thought that perhaps a Lodmoor chick may have already made it Radipole but thankfully two fledglings were sitting in their favourite trees. So in total we have six fledged Harriers which would have been completely absurd only three years ago! What an amazing nature reserve we have right in the middle of a town!

Here's some shots from yesterday of the bravest chick who made it all the way from the nest to the hide.

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