Thursday, 7 July 2011

They did it!

After many hours watching and photographing the adult Marsh Harriers this summer, I now have a few extras to photograph! You’ve guessed it, the first Marsh Harrier chick fledged at Radipole this evening at about 18:20. Here’s the little beauty.

I wasn’t planning on going to the hide this evening but changed my mind when another birder text me to say how regularly food was being brought in through the afternoon. He had also heard the chicks calling and squabbling over food. This prompted me to go down and after about 30 minute of watching mum, the youngster came leaping out of the nest site, flew round for a few second and crashed straight back into the nest. 20 minutes later it tried again and was much more successful this time and made several loops around the north end of the reserve before just about making it back to the nest before its wings gave in.
I was over at Lodmoor earlier today hoping to see some fledglings but only saw the female going to nest with food but these must be on the brink of fledging as well.
I’ll finish off with a picture of a very proud first time mum.

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