Sunday, 10 July 2011

Harrier number two please

Was at a loose end this evening after a long day working at the Seafood festival in Weymouth. Plenty of incredible smells wafted around the harbour but as I was working alone none could be tasted. Was an interesting day as my stand was next to Leslie Waters who will be well known by any ready steady cook fan! It took me about three hours to realise who she was so obviously I can’t be watching enough ready steady cook. I must admit that I don’t even know if that programme is still going? I see Ainsley Harriott has moved on to do Premier Inn adds... or is that Lenny Henry? I am always confusing the two.
Anyway, I have completely diverted from the first sentence where I was going to say that I spent another couple of hours at Radipole’s North Hide this evening where I was hoping to see more than one juv Marsh Harrier flying around. To cut a long story short, I saw two! It looks pretty much like the first one hence the photo’s being pretty much exactly the same so here’s two photos of mum and dad. Dad’s been pretty tricky to catch up with recently but he showed well this evening.


I probably won’t be posting for a little while as there’s a music festival I have to go to for the RSPB (works rubbish ain’t it!) so will be ‘living it up’ all next week. Might bore you with some picture on my return.

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