Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bells are ringing at Radipole

Bells are ringing at Radipole
I was desperately trying to tie in today’s Ring-billed Gull at Radipole with this Christmas malarkey that I keep hearing about, so the title had to contain something bell related as they ring which also describe the bill of the gull. A little tenuous but it will have to do.
Managed to miss this bird on Sunday afternoon when my mate Bret found it standing on Radipole car park whilst out shopping with his missus. Thankfully, I managed to find it this morning whilst in the company of Brett who was pretty sure it was the same bird as Sundays. Other sites in the UK it would be very safe to assume it would be the same one but Radipole has a good track record with this species. A few weeks ago, a different individual was on the car park and we had another adult last winter.
I even managed a picture.

This will probably be my last post until after Christmas so would like to take the chance to say merry Christmas and all that...

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