Saturday, 17 December 2011

Not quite a Woodcock

With the moon not rising until late in the night, I’ve started going out with the lamp again. Warm weather hasn’t really encouraged me to get out as Abbotsbury usually only gets Woodcock in extreme cold conditions. However, two visits this week has revealed that one Woodcock at least is using the meadows. It’s managed to avoid capture on both occasions but did catch a Lapwing tonight which wasn’t bad compensation.
This morning I met Terry down at Radipole to see if any non colour ringed Coot fancied getting its own lovely ring but sadly non obliged. I did manage to catch four Tufted Duck and a Mallard so the morning turned out to be a decent one.
Don’t have any pics at present but I may get hold of a picture of tonight Lapwing which I’ll add in due course.

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