Saturday, 31 December 2011


I can’t quite believe that I’ve managed to keep this blog going a whole year. This time last year I was contemplating the idea of starting one of these ‘blogs’ that everyone kept on about. I must admit that it’s been a blast being able to share with all my readers my antics (if you can call them that) and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it.
So what will 2012 bring? Before that starts I’d better round up the last few days. I’ve been in Wales for Christmas and all its done is rain except for one and half days during which I managed to do some ringing. About 60 birds caught though to my delight (not!) they were all tits. A Goldcrest bounced and a several Redpolls thought about coming into the feeders but thought better of it. The sessions were useful in that several retraps from 2010 were caught including a Coal tit and a Long tailed tit. Both species I’ve only ringed in fairly small numbers in the garden. All the retraps have made it through two very cold winters so congrats to them!
I didn't take this recently, its from a while ago at a lovely welsh nature reserve called Silent Valley and I did fill up the feeder when I left!

So 2012, well its hopefully going to start with a bit more canon netting, fingers crossed I get some good weather so I can get some good catches from my finch  feeding site in the fleet and I am really hoping to get some more Woodcock and snipe though I really need some cold weather for that to happen.
I won’t go through all the 2011 highlights but something I did do earlier was go through and read all my past posts and it really reminded me that 2011 hasn’t been a bad year.  So thanks again for making the effort to click on me blog now and again, I really appreciate it!
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Luke.

    Have you ringed any Mallard at Bryn Bach Park?


  2. Thanks both.
    Steve, I've only ringed one Mallard at Bryn bach but that was last christmas. Why do you ask?

  3. Noticed a male Mallard with ring on right leg at Bryn Bach Park yesterday.


  4. could well be mine. Worth getting the number if you can though. Would be good to know its still there and still alive.