Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Alway take your camera to work!!

I always know that something good will happen when I leave my camera at home. The morning was incredibly windy (as you probably know) and rain was pouring down so in the mad dash to the car I left my camera rucksack in the hall. About midday the weather cleared which allowed birders to get out and look for yesterday’s Long billed Dowitchers at Lodmoor. During Lunchtime my colleague Danny and myself popped over and got great views which could have lead to some decent photographs… if I had my camera!
The afternoons gull gathering at Radipole was starting to get impressive so I no choice but to go through them all to try to locate one of two Ring-billed Gulls that have been at the reserve recently. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have found one but given that my camera wasn’t to hand one showed up! After floating around on the lake for a while it moved onto the car park where localish birder Ian Lewis was sat in his car getting crippling pictures of the beauty.  Thankfully he’s been kind enough to allow to pinch a photo of his website, http://gryllosblog.wordpress.com/

Would be interested to know what others think but compare the streaking on the birds head to the bird in the photo from a post before Christmas. I know it’s the opposite side but I would imagine the head streaking on gulls is usually fairly symmetrical and even though my photo is over exposed it’s still quite different. Will check out other picture I’ve got before claiming anything as there’s also a massive difference in the distances at which the photos were taken.
Thanks again to Ian for the use of the picture, his websites also got a shot of the Dowitchers albeit a distant one.

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