Monday, 9 January 2012

Ups and downs of gull watching

Radipole was stuffed with gulls today, which for someone keen on gulls such as myself it was paradise. Started the day with the adult Ring-billed Gull which was a nice start to the day then whilst scanning through the rest of the flock I noticed a second Ring-billed Gull. This time a second winter bird which got me pretty excited as a second winter bird hadn’t been seen for a while so thoughts of it being a different bird came into my head. That would have been a nice find for myself had this been the case. Sadly, a few birders said later that day that a second winter was present yesterday! I didn’t know this so the excitement decreased rapidly.
The adult bird was about off and on during the day presenting a few decent photo opportunities.

This is the second winter bird.

As darkness approached another gull caught my eye whilst I was having one last look at the ‘Ringer’. This time it really was something to get excited about. A 1st winter Caspian Gull!

Radipole is having such a good winter for gulls I am starting to wonder what will be next? Here’s a final shot of the Caspian Gull.


  1. We have had the Ring billed gull at the port on a few occasions over the last week.

  2. Very nice collection. Not jealous at all...well, not if they head west a bit in the near future!

  3. just needed a white winger and it would have been an incredible day! perhaps tomorrow?