Sunday, 18 March 2012

A fiery weekend at Arne

If you ever find yourself with a weekend spare I can highly recommend that you spend it hanging around RSPB Arne car park. This is what I have been doing recently though I am not hanging around, I am supposed to be working. However this is sometimes quite tricky as there’s just too much to distract you. As a birder, having the sound of singing firecrest in your ear all day can be rather distracting when working. What’s more frustrating though is trying to point out the song to birders who’s ears simply don’t allow them to hear it! They are showy little critters at time as these pictures prove.

Another photo opportunity presented itself today in the form of a rather lovely Siskin.  Stunning little birds and are currently using the feeders around the visitor centre. I rarely have my camera with me when working at Arne but luckily today I did!

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