Thursday, 1 March 2012

A few recoveries...

After blogging every day last week you might be wondering why this weeks so far been the exact opposite. I will tell for why. I’ve been in Milton Keynes since Monday and got back last night in which time I saw one Red kite on the way up, a couple of Siskins and a Redwing in the car park of my accommodation and best of all, a blue tit in a bush outside my room.
Instead of boring you with my sightings list from MK (oops, too late!) I thought I could mention some recoveries from the summer. A few Sedge Warbler from Radipole and Abbotsbury have showed up elsewhere in the UK. Most interesting being a Radipole bird which was trapped on the 24th August was retrapped 219km NNE of Weymouth in Northamptonshire on the 1st September. I guess eventually it realised it was going the wrong way!
We usually get a few of our birds controlled at Icklesham in East Sussex but one from last summer was caught there just a day after we caught it. That’s a total of 232km along the south coast in just a day. Other blogs would normally put a nice google map of the locations and a fancy line showing there the bird went but I don’t know how to do that so here’s picture of a swan instead which has presumably travelled all the way from Australia to get to Radipole. Hope that’s ok?

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