Friday, 24 February 2012

The return of the Ibis

The Glossy Ibis re-appeared at Radipole yesterday and I manage to time my visit to the hide this afternoon to perfection. On the way to the hide it flew right over my head. It then flew into the north end and out of site which is where its probably been hiding for the last week

This is quite a moment for this blog as this is the first video I’ve posted! Took me a while to figure out how to so it though!


  1. nice one mate. we've got one of these in my county now!!!!

  2. yours is ringed isn't it? I guess another Spanish bird? We've got one over the other side of the county which is ringed.

  3. no this one is un-ringed, the one in borth is ringed (the Borth Ibis was ringed as a chick on 7th May 2007 in the Coto Donana, Andalusia, Southern Spain, 1,720 kms south of Borth. It was also seen there on 2nd April 2010.)

  4. A great name for a film!!?
    But I like your groundbreaking moving images of the Glossy Ibis.