Tuesday, 7 February 2012

They're still coming

White winged Gulls are still turning up through the country which is great news for people like myself who can’t get enough of gulls. But as the winter goes on most of these birds will probably start to head back to chilly arctic. However birds from further south or east should pass through the UK so this probably won’t that last you’ll hear about these great gulls.
Thankfully the Lodmoor bird has upped sticks and shifted to Radipole and sat on the cormorant island for a short while this afternoon. This one looks a bit scruffy so hopefully the next one to turn up will be a pristine adult. I can afford to be picky this winter given the amount of these things turning up in the UK.
Sun was a pain but hopefully these pictures show that back lit can turn up some ‘decent’ photographs.

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