Thursday, 23 February 2012

A hangover cure that actually works??

My final post from my Welsh weekend. I spent Saturday night having one or two beers with a few mates but the morning revealed the inevitable hangover. I took a while to wake up and it was mid-afternoon before I felt decent enough to go out. I dragged my headache and myself out to a nearby beauty spot which I’ve mentioned on this blog before. Whilst living in Gwent I spent a lot of my spare evenings watching the antics of the local Short-eared Owls at a place called Waunafon Bog which is near Bleanavon.  It might ring a few people bells if I said this was near to where the famous Gwent Mamora’s Warbler was present in June 2010.

The owls were very active Sunday night and if the sun had come out I would have got some good photo’s. In spite of cloudy dull conditions I came back with these. By the time I got back I had completely forgotten about my hangover!


  1. ta Steve, they were actually quite obliging for once!