Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Watch out for Wagtails

Before I shot off to Wales Saturday Steve and myself had a chance to catch a few Pied Wagtails down at Weymouth Harbour. So far this winter we have not caught any so we were keen to have a try. We caught 17 which was not bad for a first attempt and Steve managed to catch a few more over the weekend. I think we are up to nearly forty now, all of which are colour ringed. So please keep an eye out for them and email sightings to luke.phillips@rspb.org.uk .
Birds will have three colour rings and a metal ring. One colour ring is on the left leg above the metal and then two colours on the right leg. 
Before heading down the harbour for a look for colour ringed Wagtails, I stopped briefly at Radipole where an Iceland Gull was waiting to photographed. Is it just me or is this a different bird to the one we’ve had for a while?

I think it is!

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