Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Glamorous Gulling

Merthyr in South Wales probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good birdwatching spot. Well this winter has proved that it has great potential for gull watching. I know, gulls again but spring is one its way soon and I’ll be able to blog about something else! Anyway, back to Merthyr. This place has probably featured on several of those rubbish TV programmes such as ‘Britains roughest housing estates’ or ‘Neighbours from hell’ but due to its lovely landfill site its now attracting a rather different crowd of people.

I popped over there for a few hours during my brief few days in Wales over the weekend. As soon as I started scanning, I picked up an Iceland Gull, a nice 2nd winter bird. Soon the gulls started to head towards me and started landing on a warehouse roof where viewing wasn’t too terrible. No sign of the Iceland Gull but a 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull was a welcome sight and another slightly odd gull which was probably another Yellow-legged Gull but in my opinion showed a few Caspian Gull features. The photo is utter rubbish and pretty much just shows a gull but some people might be able to see one or two features which make it different from all the others around it.

Here’s the other Yellow-legged Gull which shows yet another very blury gull which could be anything. Its the one with its wing open if you were actually interested.

Noticed today on the Glamorgan website that a potential 3rd winter Caspian Gull was present today and after looking at the pictures, it shows a few pro Caspian features but really hard to say. I am looking forward to going back to Wales next week to do some more gull grilling.
P.S I rather stupidly forgot to take a photo of the Iceland Gull but readers of this blog are probably sick to death of Iceland Gulls.
P.P.S Notice what I did with the title. Named the county and beautifully described Merthyr! Clever eh?

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