Thursday, 2 February 2012

Big white things

My birding the last few days has largely been made up of large white things. Yet another Iceland Gull has graced Weymouth but this time a 1st winter. I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog but  two weeks after my 2nd winter bird at Radipole on the 7th January we had another  one. Pretty sure there’ll be a few more by the end of the winter.
Here’s a shot of it being nosy.

Here’s a much clearer shot which I took at Swansea marina several winters ago.

Two Great white Egrets turned up at Radipole today but did not really settle. They were first seen near the visitor centre but then flew off.  This evening I went for a look for then in the north of the reserve and found them. I managed a shot of one at the north end this evening. The other was nearby but just out of sight behind some reeds.

They were seen at last light in flight over the North hide heading north. Suppose they might roost somewhere nearby? Our Little Egret roost at Radipole has disappeared since the cold weather, not surprising given that most of the reserve is frozen solid.
This one was at Ham Wall a few weeks ago when I went up for the Starling roost. I think we saw three of them that day. (Egrets not starlings!!!)

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