Friday, 10 February 2012

More Woodcock catching

Previous winters at Abbotsbury have produced good numbers of Woodcock. This has always been due to the cold weather pushing them to the coast. The recent cold weather has come good and an evening wander around with the lamp produced the goods. Saw eight birds which is good considering I’ve only got three fields to search in. Three of the birds were together which makes them impossible to catch. They tend to spook each other so if one flies they all fly. So out of the other five I could attempt to catch I got three plus a Lapwing.  Will try again in a few days time, perhaps there’ll be even more Woodcock about!
Haven’t got any pictures to go with this post. A) I forgot to take a camera and B) I’ve got far too many pictures of Woodcock all looking exactly the same. Perhaps next time I’m out I could take along some little hats for the Woodcock to wear. This should get me some interesting and different pictures.


  1. glad the woodcock have finallly reached you mate, I've not been seeing many on the hills up here this year either! But can't complain as the mild weather has meant that we can concentrate on golden plovers. keep an eye out for those colour ringed goldies!!

  2. Will do matie. The weathers gone calm down here now and looks like its going to stay that way for a while. Will have to take up ballet or something to enable to creep up to them...