Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy Saint Davids day!

Forgot to mention that earlier, sorry about that!
Whilst I am blogged in I should mention that we now have two Ibis’s’s at Radipole. Just got back from searching the entire reserve to find out where they hang out and it appears their favourite pool is probably the furthest away from any public footpath or hide. Hopefully they settle somewhere a bit more convenient for Ibis watchers. Note that neither is ringed so its not the Wareham bird joining our regular one.

Whilst up there gauping at our lovely pair of Ibis, the sound of Bearded tits pinging was never out of earshot. Even managed a picture or two.

Blogging activity might be somewhat random over the coming days. A) because I don’t want to people to start expecting me to blog everyday (no offence intended, its just my finger get saw) and B) I am travelling up to Wales where I might not encounter lots of blog-able wildlife.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent pics Luke. Two great species to adorn our brilliant reserves.
    Er... by the way, I hope this is not a cop out so you can go down to the pub instead of blog!!?