Thursday, 10 January 2013

Greenfinches Galore

Well… sort of. My garden isn’t exactly the busiest of places to ring. My feeders usually only entertain a few Blue Tit but a few days ago I noticed a small flock of Greenfinch helping themselves. I made the most of yesterday’s weather and stuck the net up for a few hours  and managed a grand total of 7 Greenfinch! Pretty good result for my garden.

This morning I went out to clouds hill to do a bit of routine maintenance and thought it would be rude not to stick up a few nets whilst there. Winter is usually very quiet at the site and today was no different but I did catch a pair of Song Thrush which were a surprise as usually I only this species in the autumn when they pass through on migration. One of them was distinctly greyer than the other which I suppose could suggest continental origin?

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