Friday, 15 March 2013


Earlier this week I headed up to Somerset to have a noise at the Common Cranes which are part of the Great Crane Project which is releasing these stunning birds back into the Somerset Levels. Seconds after arriving about 50 Cranes flew in the landed in a very distant field and after a bit of driving around we found them. Not the best pics but they were still a bit distant.

Just as spring is starting to arrive I’m setting off to Gloucestershire to work for a few days but hopefully the weather will have warmed up and migrants will have really got going by the time I get back. Here’s a shot of a Chiffy from this week showing a rather dirty face; a feature which really suggests its a migrant rather than a wintering bird however the numbers this week certainly haven’t involved wintering birds! By the way the ‘dirt’ isn’t dirt, its pollen which gets stuck to its face when it’s feeding on insects which are hiding in flowers. Not many flowers here at the moment so it’s certainly been somewhere a lot warmer that here in the last few weeks!

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