Monday, 25 March 2013

Where's spring?

It’s probably now safe to blog after that historic and amazing defeat that Wales pulled off against England last weekend. I mentioned on my last post that I was heading back to my old stomping grounds of Symonds Yat to get the Peregrine watch season up and running for another summer. Whilst there you can’t help but bird all the time (as well as working obviously!) and it resulted in the expected good views of Goshawk and of course Peregrine. Hawfinch in the car park was also nice as well as singing Marsh Tit which set the scene beautifully. Didn’t take my camera with me so these pics will have to do of some Siskins I caught whilst borrowing my uncles garden for a brief spot of ringing before heading back south.

Back in Dorset things really haven’t got going yet. It's bloody freezing still! However, migrants have started breaking their way through the crap weather but the winds have snuffed any hope of getting out to clouds hill with the nets but I’ll keep hoping! Yesterday at Radipole we had dozens of Sand Martin, at least four Swallow, probably well over a hundred Chiffchaff and even an Osprey (which I didn’t see...) so birds obviously think it’s spring... wish I could agree.

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