Saturday, 9 March 2013

Radipole's famous Harrier

Noticed my viewing figures were higher than usual the other day and presumably its due to a mention in the most recent edition of British Birds. They have published a paper based around Marsh Harrier plumage and its variability. I haven’t read the paper yet (thanks Ken for a copy!) but I’m reliably informed that it’s basically saying that its a bit tricky to age a Marsh Harrier on its plumage. It also covers the ‘transvestite’ male Harriers which is where this blog got a mention. Seems our male is the only known cross dressing male in the UK! They highlighted a particular post but I’ve notice (thanks to the power of blogger) that most visitors have been typing in the normal blog address which will take you to the most recent post. So to make viewers lives easier here are a few links to old posts relating to this fascinating topic.
And finally one from last spring including some half decent pics of our male harrier.
By the way, the dark male is still about at Radipole and can be seen pretty much every day from the North Hide.

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