Tuesday, 4 January 2011

That dreaded first post

Thought I'd start by giving you a run down of my life so far in sunny Dorset. As you may have guessed from the blog title, I am a taff birder living in Dorset. I work for the RSPB at their famous Radipole lake reserve which is right in the heart of Weymouth, though i am not sure Weymouth has a heart? But if it does its certainly Radipole Lake.

I've been living hear just over a year and loving the laid back attitude of the county. I've been able to fulfil a life times ambition to become a ringer. My first year in Weymouth got a point where I could apply for my 'C' permit which is basically half way to being a fully fledged (excuse the pun) ringer. It does however allow me to ring on my own!

So to start my new blog how about a picture of a bird i ringed on a recent trip back to land of my fathers (though I only have one!), a Marsh tit. A fairly common bird in Dorset and is sadly just one of those brown boring birds but this species i pretty rare bird back in old home town of Glyn Ebwy (Ebbw Vale in Wenglish). It was the first one I've ever ringed so you can imagine how chuffed I was to catch one back home!

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