Sunday, 30 January 2011

Work Apparently?

I've had a rather nice in day in work today. Spent the morning doing a guided walk around Radipole for nearly 30 people. Bittern and a nice load of Otter spraint were the highlights. After that I promised a volunteer to take him to see the Waxwings I mentioned a few days ago. The flock has increased from 3 to 5 and have moved to the next street along where there are stacks of berries for them to munch their way through. We had to wait a while but got great views in the end. Got some pics but was a bit annoyed as they all turned out a little under exposed. I am currently not in the possession of a good photo shop but I've tried to recover some of them.

Whilst waiting for the Waxwings to show we noticed several flocks of Med Gull heading towards Radipole. A very large flock has descended on Radipole roughly about the time of high tide on the fleet for that last few days. Yesterdays count amounted to well over 230! A Radipole record I think. Todays flock was probably something similar but they kept flushing so didn't managed a proper count. Also been recording quite a few ring numbers recently including a bird from Hungary which was also seen at Radipole last winter. Mostly the birds are from either France or Belgium.

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