Sunday, 13 May 2012

Post BBQ blogging

Completely exhausted after a day out ringing on the Lulworth army ranges but what better way to perk yourself up than a few pints of cider (good stuff not that canned rubbish with the bow and arrow on it) and a BBQ in the garden. So I’m now stuffed and slightly drunk but that won’t stop me blogging! Today’s visit to the ranges was mainly to catch up with more Dartford Warblers to continue our RAS study but we also bagged a new species for me!  A Stonechat!

Obviously not the first I’ve ever seen but the first I have ringed. It was a 3J (a recently fledged bird) and was one of several out and about exploring their new and exciting world, well I guess its all very exciting for them with it being new and all... Also, found a Pied Wagtail nest with 5 eggs, plus watched a few pairs of Woodlark collecting food which is a sure sign they have chicks and the first tit pulli got ringed. The first of many given the good uptake of the nest boxes this year.
A visit to the ranges last night got a few more Dartfords colour ringed and we also got our first Nightjar of the season. Fingers crossed for the some decent weather over the next couple of weeks to allow for a bit more Nightjaring.

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