Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Got Wood??

A bit of a personal question but I almost did (notice I said almost!!!) when I saw this little beauty in the net yesterday morning.

This Wood Warbler was a new species for me at Clouds hill and the first I’ve ringed. This species is one that is quite common back in Wales (if you know where to look) and is often found in similar habitat to this species.

A Redstart which I also trapped and ringed yesterday.  As you’ve probably guessed, it was a good day yesterday though would have been ten times better if I managed to get up earlier. I didn’t start ringing until 10am which was a result of a crap night’s sleep, rubbish forecast and switching my alarm off. The nets came back down at about 11:30 after the sun came out but 25 new birds and a few retraps was a good result for just short session.  As well as the birds caught there were plenty of other migrants about including a male Whinchat, a few more Redstarts, a single Spotted Flycatcher and a flyby Short-eared Owl.

Can’t resist posting another pic of the Wood Warbler. Ain’t he a beauty!

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