Monday, 23 April 2012

One owl, get out of here. Two owls, I'm there!

This afternoon between showers Steve and I headed out onto the army ranges to hopefully ring a few owls. Whilst checking nest boxes yesterday I tapped a tawny owl box and a similar sounding reply was heard from within the box. It was of course a tawny owl bill snapping and it sounded like it came from an owlet. However, without a ladder and the right ring size there wasn’t a lot we could do! Access isn’t always easy to the ranges so an opportunity this evening couldn’t be missed! As you can see we came up trumps!

Only one in the box, presumably it’s eaten all its siblings but mummy owl was also in the box so she also had the honour of being ringed as well.

Both settled nicely back in their box to continue their kip. Though mum looked half as well through the whole thing but that’s quite normal for owls in the hand. Believe me, given half a chance she’s sink a talon into your hand! Oh and well done to everyone who noticed the Reeves and Mortimer quote in the title. If you’ve got nothing better to do this evening youtube it!

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