Friday, 20 April 2012

Just about ticking over

This morning’s weather didn’t really look like it was going to down lots of migrants and this was proved by about 9am when the sun broke through as there was hardly anything calling or flitting around. I could only have half the nets up due to the strong westerly wind which meant a small catch of just half a dozen Willow Warblers and a Blackcap as well as a few resident species. The size of the catch also reflected the lack of movement. Also caught a Greenfinch which was ringed but not with one of my rings. Need to check with a few other local ringers before getting excited about my first Greenfinch control!

Quality was provided this morning by a Grasshopper Warbler singing for the first hour or so of light and a Pied Flycatcher which showed up just before I left. Both birds failed to find a net but nice to see/hear none the less. A Sedge Warbler was also singing when I arrived but it soon stopped, presumably it was heading for the nearest reed bed. Overhead passage was very slow with just the smallest trickle of Swallows although 5 Whimbrel went through which were my first this spring at the site.  Things will pick up again soon!

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