Sunday, 1 April 2012

Finally! Some cloud.

Yesterday’s weather conditions looked perfect for a fall of migrants, though at first light you’d be fooled into thinking there weren’t any birds about at all! My first three net rounds at Clouds hill produced a measly five birds, none of which were migrants.  Then all of sudden I started to hear the ‘su-ee’ call of a few warblers. The next net round produced 15 Willow Warblers and a few Chiffchaffs which really boosted the mornings total. The next few rounds saw a few more birds in the nets including my first Blackcaps of the spring before everything went quiet again. I ended the morning with about 40 new birds which was a respectable total.

I got home and saw on twitter (yes folks… I do twitter!) that Portland also had a fall of birds but somewhat more impressive than my little flurry at Clouds hill. They ended the day with a huge total of over 600 birds ringed!

I won’t be posting anything over the next week as I’m off to Gibraltar tomorrow morning for a week of ringing and birding so expect plenty of pics when I get back.

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