Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rest in Peace Clive...

Not something I would normally do on my blog but this bloke was certainly one of a kind!
 Anyone who visits Radipole regularly will know Clive Dudderidge who was usually outside having a fag and a cup of coffee. He very sadly passed away last week. He came to visitor centre everyday and he was certainly part of the furniture. Over the years, he’s done quite a lot of birding around the local area so some of you might have bumped into him in the past. He was a real character and a pretty funny bloke. He’d regularly take the mick out of you if given the slightest chance. He would also regularly come into the centre stringing some bird or other, but always took it on the chin when I told him not to be so daft. We won’t be getting any more Tree Sparrows on the buddleia loop! Despite his active imagination, he was a decent birder and kept a list of things he saw every day and was year listing right to the end. I had the privilege of putting him onto a few lifers in the last few years I’ve worked at the centre.
Here's Clive enjoying his cuppa whilst being starred at by a Tufty.

It won’t be the same working in the visitor centre and not seeing Clive every day, we’ll miss ya Clive!

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