Thursday, 3 May 2012

Purple Patch

Clouds hill continued to produce the goods yesterday morning when a Hoopoe appeared as I got to the site. It was still dark and if it hadn’t have flown I wouldn’t have been able to see what it was! Got a record shot but had to use the flash and manual focus.

Thankfully later I managed another shot which at least allows you to appreciate how great Hoopoes are!

Whilst ringing another rarity popped up, this time a Serin. To be honest I can’t say I saw it as such (well, a black dot) but heard it calling as I went over.  A Serin was also reported from Abbotsbury beach but not sure if that was before or after my encounter. The ringing wasn’t especially busy but Whitethroats and Blackcaps kept me busy for an hour or two at first light but it quickly quietened down.

This morning’s efforts were put on hold for a few hours because of the rain but it proved rather quiet with very few grounded migrants about. Hirundines were still on the move in decent number with most sticking around and feeding along the fleet.  A few Spotted Flycatchers provided a bit of quality as did a Cuckoo which was singing first thing. The highlight in the nets was this Garden Warbler which is my first (and well overdue!) of the spring.

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