Sunday, 18 November 2012

A busy day

It all started at 5am when we (Steve, his trainee Teresa and myself) headed off to Seaton for the first canon net catch of the winter. A few visits to the catch site by Axe Estuary group volunteers a few days ago revealed a reasonable number of ducks using the site. Overnight frost must have brought in a few extras as the catch was a very respectable 105 birds. Just three species were caught but whose complaining when there’s plenty of Wigeon and Teal to go around!

After a mighty breakfast in Seaton we headed back to Weymouth and before we went our separate ways talked about the possibility of catching a few wagtails this evening. As you can gather from my last post, my last attempt didn’t got that well so I was very pleased to pull off decent catch with Teresa and Steve. 41 Pied Wagtails caught, 39 of which now have colour rings. Also got a re-trap Cetti’s Warbler and a new Robin.
I’ve finally sat down with a cup of tea though I’m pretty sure I’m going to get dragged away from the computer any second to watch the Strictly dancing rubbish.

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