Monday, 5 November 2012

Brambling along...

All a little bit quiet on the ringing front this morning which was somewhat of a surprise given the light NE wind and a large bank of cloud through the English Channel which would have stopped anything thinking about heading over it. Caught 4 new Robins and a Song Thrush on the first net round not long after first light and then all went quiet except for a few of the resident Wrens and a Dunnock later on. Overhead passage was largely made up of finches and it was quite busy. Between 6am and 8am an impressive 35 Brambling in total went over plus several which roosted overnight in Clouds Hill. About 250 Chaffinch also went over, plus at least 80 Goldfinch and about a dozen Redpolls. Meadow Pipits were also on the move. Highlight of the morning was a Firecrest which avoided the nets. They are quite scarce at Clouds Hill compared to nearby Abbotsbury Swannery though the habitats are quite different so perhaps that’s not such a surprise.
Hopefully more to report over the next few days.

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