Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A last flurry of finches

Have been managing to get out on the fleet most mornings this week before work though visits haven’t been particularly productive. Ringing totals certainly suggest that we are pretty much at the tail end of the autumn migration though Finches have still been trickling overhead. Abbotsbury produced 4 Redpoll yesterday morning and Clouds Hill produced another one this morning. All Lesser Redpolls though but nothing wrong with that!

A couple of Redpoll tails, firstly one belonging to a 1st winter bird. Secondly, one of an adult. Note the rounded tips on the adult and the pointy tips on the 1st winter bird.

Bramblings still seem to be going over in numbers, this morning another 12 went over which was a fair percentage of the mornings finch migration. Haven’t managed to catch any though!
This morning saw a couple of scarcities at Clouds Hill. The morning started with a very early rising Lapland Bunting which appeared to have spent the night in the adjacent field (suppose they roost on the ground?) before heading off up the fleet. Then later a female Long-tailed Duck flew past the ringing station towards the Swannery but clearly didn’t make it that far as I flushed if from the edge of the fleet whilst taking down a net later in the morning. It unfortunately if went straight over the beach and out to sea so must apologise to duck for disturbing it.
No photo of the Duck but here’s a Chaffinch as compensation...

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