Friday, 18 October 2013

After all that...

So after all that deliberation on last nights gull I got it wrong. I’d really thought several times about a hybrid and even mentioned it last night in the comments section when replying to another comment but for someone reason I got lumbered with the Yellow-legged Gull theory and I couldn’t really shift it! A case of trying to convince myself I suspect. It’s actually very rare that I look at the gull so closely and I guess the sheer amount of deliberation should have told me that this probably wasn’t a Yellow-legged Gull. Especially when comparing it to the other bird I featured. It really would have been more obvious if that was the case.

So many thanks to Brett Spencer who put me out my misery and told me it’s probably a Herring x Lesser black-backed Gull hybrid.

So basically scrap all that rubbish I waffled on about yesterday but all good experience and I’ve got to admit that I rather enjoy ploughing through gull photo’s deliberating ID’s. Nerdy as it is...

This is probably a really good time to mention a gull watching event at Radipole next year! Yep, I’ve persuaded the RSPB to let me do a Gull morning. As the above suggests, it won’t be anything in depth and detailed but  should be an enlightening look at gulls and what they get up to. It will be on Thursday 6th February starting at 10am at the Radipole visitor centre. I promise it won’t be boring!!

Here's one last shot of the beast!

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