Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Getting to know the locals...

I've finally got round to clearing the rides and getting some nets up at my ringing site down on the fleet. I've not ringed much at all this year at Clouds Hill but fingers crossed the next few weeks produce some numbers. Yesterday evening whilst putting up the last few nets I stuck all the installed nets up to see what was about. Having not ringed there since the spring there were plenty of locals who wouldn't have encountered the nets before. Lots came to have a look and ended up with a lovely shiny new ring on their legs.
Wrens were plentiful!

As were the local Blue Tits

Both species ‘loved’ by ringers for their abilities to get nicely caught in the nets and the latter’s shear determination to rip your fingers off!
Usually as the season goes on the locals learn exactly where the nets are leaving all the oblivious migrant birds to bump into a net.
Hoping to go out in the morning but the wind at the moment suggest I might be having a lie in... Hope not as on yesterdays visit there was a rather interesting tacking call coming from the brambles. Not a tack call I’ve heard before so I’m intrigued to find out what it possible was. I got an idea in my mind but that’s all it is, an idea, at the moment. Might pop down for a few hours regardless tomorrow to see what I can find even if I don’t get the nets open.

To finish, here’s a shot of one of my favourite net rides. Usually my last net of a net round and a nice chance to look out onto the fleet!

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